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Virtual Event: Rosemead Doctoral Faculty Q&A Panel

Online Event (Register to receive the Zoom link for this event), 22-March-2022

Rosemead and Graduate Admissions invites you to a Faculty Q&A Panel! You'll have the opportunity to meet with Rosemead doctoral faculty to ask any questions you may have about the program. Register to receive the Zoom link for this event. ...

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Pitch Workshop / Startup Competition

Location pending, 21-March-2022

In just a few weeks you will have 10 minutes to demonstrate to judges why your concept is worth investing in. In this workshop, we will answer the big questions like: "What do I include in my pitch?" "How can I best prepare for my p...

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On Campus - Accelerated Master's Program Info Session

Talbot East Plaza 11 - Andrews Banquet Room. Biola University, 10-March-2022

If you’re interested in a career in ministry or looking for a seminary degree, join us as we explore the Accelerated Master’s Program through Talbot School of Theology. In this session we will hear from current and former students and ...

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Virtual Event: Rosemead Doctoral Current Student Q&A Panel

Online live event, Biola University, 10-March-2022

Rosemead and Graduate Admissions invites you to a Current Student Q&A Panel! You have the opportunity to meet with current Rosemead doctoral students to ask any questions you may have about their experience in the program. You won't want t...

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Biola’s 114th Birthday Festivities

Fluor Fountain, Bell Tower and Spots Across Campus, 22-February-2022

In honor of Biola’s 114th Birthday, we are hosting our annual #TweetHunt for our current students a, cupcake celebration at Fluor Fountain and the launch of our #IChoseHigherEd campaign under the Bell Tower. There will also be a live KK...

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3rd Vistula International Film Festival

YouTube and Facebook, 28-January-2022

Journalism and Social Communication students will show 12 short documentaries, which were made as part of the Television Workshop, conducted by Marcin Antosiewicz. The films are about the mental health of young people, who have suffered greatly in...

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"The Sea We Must Wade"

Green Art Gallery, 18-January-2022


Please Note: The gallery will be open by appointment only over Spring Break (2/26 - 3/6)

THE SEA WE MUST WADE presents a collection o...

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“Clouds of Death – Bolimów, 1915”

auditorium 4., Vistula University, 09-November-2021

Discover with us the unknown history of Poland. We invite you to the educational screening of the Polish film: “Clouds of Death Bolimów, 1915”. The screening will take place on November the 9th at 5:00 p.m., in aula 4. T...

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Study, work and develop your competences! Virtual JobDay 2021 “Start to career”

Virtual job fair, 28-October-2021

The sooner you get to know the job market, the better. By working, you will not only earn money. You will also gain experience and develop competences.

Vistula Universities invite you to the virtual job fair JobDay 2021....

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Orientation Day 2021. Get to know your university

On the Teams platform, 22-October-2021

New school, new people, new procedures, and unknown space.

Don’t be stressed! You will land softly and quickly feel at home – safe and comfortable.

Vistula University and Vistula School of Hospitality invite all new...

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Faculty Technology Showcase

Faculty Technology Showcase, 29-September-2021

Location: Zoom (See Links)

Sponsored by the Center for DLiT, these monthly presentations feature faculty who demonstrate and discuss various uses for technology and tools. Opportunity is provided for Q&A sessions. The sessions run fr...

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‘The educational role of culinary tourism in regional development’ – online conference

Online, Vistula University, 22-October-2020

Every place on earth has its flavours and distinct smells. Culinary delights can attract and motivate one to travel, just like the greatest nature, architecture, or monuments. Culinary tourism is growing, and is getting better. Its role in regiona...

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Opening ceremony of the New Academic Year 2020/2021 in Vistula

Vistula University, 09-October-2020

The opening ceremony of the 2020/2021 New Academic Year will be held on October the 9th, at 5:00 pm, in the hybrid formula. The traditional event at the university will be broadcast on-line.

We will open the new academi...

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‘The Nature of Business – Is There a Place for the Environment in Business?’

Hall 2A, Vistula University, 01-May-2020

Increasingly, companies implementing business strategies are also implementing CSR projects. Corporate social responsibility was once a privilege; today, it has become a duty. It assumes that companies strive to achieve their goals, but with care ...

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Meeting of Vistula graduates with students. Join us!

Halls, Nos. 113, 114, 129 and 210, Vistula University, 28-March-2020

Want to know what is happening in the labour market, what are the expectations of employers, and how to plan your career? Join us on March the 28th, 2020, to meet up with Vistula graduates. You will get reliable first-hand information. Find out more

Meeting with final – year students of the bachelor’s or master’s degree studies at Vistula Universities

Vistula University, 13-March-2020

The academic year will soon be over. If you are a final year student of the Bachelor or Master studies, you certainly have many questions about:

  • thesis submission process;
  • tips for the final exam;
  • legal stay...

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The role of women in social life in different cultures. Family, work, education

Hall 2A, Vistula University, 10-March-2020

They face the same problems as most women, but they managed to break the glass ceiling. Jolanta ?y?ko, PhD is the rector of the Vistula School of Hospitality, Siti Nugraha Mauludiah – the ambassador of Indonesia in Poland, a...

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Want to be a leader? Discover the secrets of agile project management.

hall 7 and rooms 323, 320, 230, 220a, 113, 326a, 330a Vistula University, 07-March-2020

Agile project management is the key to success. It’s about working flexibly and interactively. The Agile methodology initially was used in the IT sector, today also in other areas.

The principles of Agile methodolo...

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Is the US – China trade war? Seminar of the Asia Research Institute

Room No 213, Vistula University, 26-February-2020

The China – USA geopolitical and economic system dominated the world in 2019. We can see now how much these powers clash with each other, fight each other, and at the same time are forced to cooperate and agree.

Is the US-China tra...

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