Online Learning is the New Trend

Online Learning is the New Trend


Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-school learning has been affected. The way in which teachers and students interact as well as the presentation way of the teaching materials have undergone a drastic change. Online education through the use of learning management systems has become a popular mode of learning and teaching in many countries. Zoom, Google Classroom and the like are increasingly popular tools in the arena of learning management systems. These could definitely enhance the quality of virtual classroom.


Besides being less affected by lockdown because of the pandemic, there are other advantages of online learning:

1. Flexibility and convenience: online learning allows learners to learn according to their own schedule and at their own pace. This makes it easier for learners to achieve optimal work-life-study balance. Learners can also go over the materials at their own speed and get the most out of the programme.

2. Lower cost: for learners who want to take overseas programmes, they can save the traveling and accommodation expenses while still being able to enjoy the same teaching quality, resources and materials.

3. Great variety of online programmes: many universities offer different types of online programmes and courses, from bachelor to master programmes.

4. Individualized learning environment: when taking online programme, learners can create an environment most comfortable and conducive to their learning. They could also easily have all the materials and tools at hand when compared to campus learning.

5. Global perspective: online programmes are normally composed of learners from different countries and thus cultures. A broader range of perspectives with better cultural awareness is expected in the online discussions.


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