Time management in remote work. Summary of the development program

More than a hundred people took part in online courses on time management in remote work. The trainings were carried out from August to November 2021 as part of the Santander Development Scholarship | Time management in remote work. The project was addressed to students: 1st and 2nd degree, postgraduate studies, graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) and employees: administrative, didactic and management staff of the Vistula University and Vistula School of Hospitality.

Thanks to the support of Santander Universidades, the employees of the Vistula Group of Universities have developed two interactive courses:

  • Competences in remote work,
  • Communication tools in virtual teams.

The course participants learned how to organize work and learning during remote classes. This is a valuable skill not only in times of pandemic but also for the future, as we live in an age of accelerated digitization.
Participants who completed the entire course also had the opportunity to enter a competition with prizes. The competition task was a written work or a presentation on the topic: “How do you best deal with challenges in remote work and what can you recommend to others?”. The authors of the 10 best works received Huawei tablets – tools very useful in online meetings. “I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the competition that deals with the development of social awareness of remote work management”, said Artur Kobos, Vistula employee. “As a laureate, I would like to thank the Santander team for the opportunity to participate in the competition. I believe that the topic of remote work and new solutions in the work system is very important in the context of employee development. ”

Congratulations to all the laureates and participants of the course. We hope that the acquired knowledge will help you in the effective use of classes conducted via the Internet.

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