Vistula University is at the forefront of the most popular private universities in Poland

The Ministry of Education and Science has published data on the results of recruitment for studies, in the academic year, 2021/2022. Over 428,000 people were admitted for the first year at universities, supervised by the Minister of Education and Science. Vistula University is amongst the most popular non-public universities. Most of the candidates chose IT as their field of study, followed by Psychology and Management. 

Almost 290,000 people began their studies at public universities, of which there were over 76,000 Master’s Degree programmes. Almost 228,000 students will study in the full-time mode. More than 138,000 students were admitted to non-public universities, of which nearly 33,000 registered for Master’s Degree studies. Almost 47,000 of them will be studying in full-time mode.

Vistula University was amongst the most frequently chosen institutes, by candidates for full-time Bachelor’s Degree and long-cycle programmes at non-public universities, and came fourth in the rankings. Compared to the results from last year, we have moved up one place. This means that our choices and strategy are right.

Vistula University offers students what they need – a wide range of studies, interesting specialisations, excellent university staff, and prestigious international accreditations. We focus on the practical dimension of education and support our students. In the interests of their good future, we co-operate with the socio-economic environment. Our partners include CBRE Corporate Outsourcing, Asseco Poland, and Alior Bank, headed by Grzegorz Olszewski – a graduate of the Wy?sza Szko?a Zarz?dzania / Polish Open University (currently, Vistula University in Warsaw) in the field of Financial Management.

With our students in mind, we have recently established co-operation with another powerful partner – KPMG in Poland, which is part of a global organisation of independent auditing and consulting companies. Under the agreement, the company offers scholarships for outstanding students of Finance and Accounting. The programme is related to the possibility of working for KPMG in Poland. The company will also organise internships, as well as co-set up conferences, debates, symposia, and seminars. Students of Vistula University will, therefore, develop and gain practical knowledge from the best.