Screening of 11AM: Hope for America's Most Segregated Hour

The President's Office and the School of Fine Arts and Communication are proud to host a screening of Urban Doxology's "11 AM: Hope for America's Most Segregated Hour" accompanied by a night of worship and a panel discussion. Part of the Celebration of Arts and Media.

Film Description:

As Martin Luther King famously said, "11 a.m. Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week." Fifty years after forced segregation was made illegal, the American Church is still highly segregated. With racial tension at a fever pitch in recent years, the film tells the story of a community of musicians who are working to write a new narrative in the former Capital of the Confederacy (Richmond, VA). By raising up a new generation of culturally competent leaders with an unwavering desire to see the shameful legacy of Church segregation end, can a group of young people with such diverse backgrounds and experiences catalyze healing and reconciliation in America?



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