How to be an effective online learner?

How to be an effective online learner?


Online learning programmes have become a more common option for nowadays learners. It has the advantages of lower costs and flexibility. However, it also poses some challenges for learners who are not familiar with this mode of education. Here are some tips for you to be an effective and successful online learner:


  • Enhance your technical skills

Online learning programmes require the learners to master technical skills including using learning management systems such as Zoom and Moodle, navigating the Internet, creating word documents and submitting the documents via the Internet. If you are not familiar with these technical skills, you might learn through online tutorials before enrolling in the online learning programmes.


  • Improve your time management skills

Most online learning programmes have no set times for the lectures. It is important for you to set schedules for your learning tasks such as reading materials, watching lectures, finishing assignments and joining discussion forums if any.


  • Create a personalized productive study environment

You have to figure out what kind of study environment is most conducive to your learning. Some study best in a quiet environment; others need a large space to allow one to move around while studying; some work best with some background music.


  • Develop effective communication skills

Though there are no or few campus classes for online learning programmes, this does not mean you cannot communicate with the teachers or peers. On the contrary, it would be good if you could maintain effective communication with them so that you can seek clarifications and support when needed.


  • Maintain your motivation and persistence

To be a successful online learner, you have to be persistent and keep your motivation in learning as you might encounter different challenges ranging from technical issues to feeling of being isolated from peers. Remind yourself the advantages of and reasons for taking up the online programmes, be it a better career prospect or more advanced knowledge in your profession.


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