Mental Health Tips for Online Students

Mental Health Tips for Online Students


Online learning brings benefits including flexibility and a comfortable learning environment for learners. Nevertheless, it might still create stress when you struggle to maintain a balance among work, study and life. The following is a few tips for you to strike the right balance and keep a positive mental health:


  • Set realistic goals

Challenging but achievable goals can motivate you throughout the learning process but keep your stress at the right level. Understand your skills, abilities and timeframe more to choose the right online learning programmes for yourself.


  • Get enough sleep

Sleep allows your body to rest and your brain to revive. Adequate sleep can keep your stress, frustration, depression and anxiety at bay. With enough sleep, you can focus attention and learn efficiently. You can also consolidate your memory of the materials learnt during the sleep time.


  • Do regular exercise

Regular exercise not only helps to improve your physical health, it also enhances your mental wellbeing by releasing chemicals like serotonin and endorphins. Better physical and mental health will in turn bring you better memory and learning, as well as self-esteem.


  • Have a balanced diet

A healthy diet can help to improve your mental health by giving you more energy, giving you a better sleep, and improving your concentration. A balanced diet means more fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, with a moderate amount of poultry, eggs and dairy products and little red meat.


  • Maintain an active social life

Though online learning means a lower chance to physically meet your teachers and learning buddies, you should still maintain effective communication with them via the virtual world. Being with your friends and family can also bring you positive mood and a strong social network.


  • Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of focusing at the present moment, without judging and evaluation. It helps you to improve your mental health through techniques like meditation, breathing exercise and paying attention to our body sensations.


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