How to pay less for your learning?

How to pay less for your learning?


Nowadays, people always pursue further studies to improve career prospects or change career direction. However, the cost of study always seems to be high and ever going up. This would definitely deter people from moving a step forward. But the reality is that there are many ways you can pay less for your learning. Here are some of the means you can try:


  1. Look for free courses

There are many universities offering free online courses covering a wide range of subjects all over the world. These include prestigious universities like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, University of Melbourne and University of Toronto.


  1. Find an affordable online course

Online courses are usually a better option than in-campus learning as you can avoid the traveling and accommodation expenses. Many online courses are even offered at a low tuition fee by some high-status universities. Examples include York University, University of Birmingham, Middle Georgia State University and University of People.


  1. Seek employer reimbursement

It is more common for employers to pay for the tuition fees for the employees. Not only can they benefit from the knowledge and skills the employees learn from the courses, they can also improve recruitment and retention.


  1. Apply for scholarship

Many educational institutions offer scholarships for qualified applicants. When applying for the course, you can read carefully whether a scholarship is provided. Usually, the scholarship is awarded for students who meet or exceed certain standards.


  1. Seek financial aid from schools

Students are usually eligible to receive financial aid from colleges or universities to cover education expenses like tuition fees, books and other coursework supplies. Most colleges and universities set criteria related to savings and income.