Transport and Logistics Business

Goal of the study programme

To train qualified specialists – Professional Bachelors of Business Management– who have the newest and most relevant knowledge of Business and Management science, are able to perform independently complicated work that requires personal responsibility in planning, organizing, managing and controlling the processes of the company’s transport and logistics activities, or the performance of its division; to communicate properly in groups or individually with partners while striving for the set goals, creating a positive communication environment, developing professional and personal competency, entrepreneurship, and creating value-added of performance.

 Outcomes of the study programme

  1. Know and understand basic theories of management, economics, logistics and other sciences, and concepts explaining the company’s social-economic phenomena and environment related to the peculiarities of the transport and logistics business.
  2. Apply legislative acts defining the company performance and fundamental knowledge, or business models to determine and solve important problems of transport and logistics companies.
  3. Analyse complex problems of transport and logistics activities, apply innovative methods of data and information collection, processing and assessment for analysis of the environment, opportunities and changes of national and international business, preparation of grounded proposals and making decisions.
  4. Plan, organize, manage and control processes of transport and logistics, and related information in choosing the decisions of the newest technologies, management and marketing.
  5. Perform local and international load carriages, logistics customer service, an organization of warehouse activities, inventory management and freight forwarding evaluate them by economic and financial aspects thus ensuring reliable and responsible performance.
  6. Create and develop the performance of a transport and logistics business company or its division, analyse business opportunities, company development trends, efficiency and high quality of performance.
  7. Combine personal and company interests performing functions of professional activities in local, international and intercultural environment; communicate and collaborate in native and foreign languages, work in a team, keep to principles of professional ethics and moral regulations.
  8. Learn independently in the area of professional activity, understand the moral responsibility for the impact of the activity and its results on the society, maintain the company’s values ensuring personal and corporate image.
  • Level of Study


  • Department

    ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/ University of Applied Sciences

  • Teaching Language

    Lithuanian and English

  • Duration

    3 Years and 0 Months

  • Tuition Fee

    2600 - Euro

  • Learning Mode

    Full-Time Learning

  • Discipline

    Business Management

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