Children’s Art Exhibition 2021 at MIUC

There is an art exposition taking place at Marbella International University Centre (MIUC), whose participants are young artists of different ages: Seva Rulev, Sofi Molnar, Rafael Pavon, and Sasha Kachanovskii. The event is organized by the art teacher Oksana Perevoznyk Filatova, and can be visited from June until September 2021.

The world of art is always new and exciting, it fills the whole world with purpose and makes it increasingly more interesting. It’s an activity of great emotional impulse that restores your physical balance, while bringing us closer to the secrets of the world.

The efficient initiation in the painting knowledge, mastery over the color and technique, diving into the secrets of shapes and going deep into the language that perpetuates what is essential, it is all fruit of a profound conviction that generates and feeds the awareness of emotions.

Esthetic values or knowledge help clear up the different visual concepts and break the barriers of how to express yourself through painting. With that in mind, what could be better for these young painters than to follow their art teacher Oksana Perevoznyk, who guides them with affection and mastery?

A good example of this would be the exhibition that the teacher herself has prepared for them, where you can observe all sorts of varied techniques: oil and acrylic on canvas and paper. The style and the form of the expression of these young artists shows us their interpretation of each topic that they portray with a brave use of light and contrast that transmits a certain dose of tenderness.

In this exposition there are many topics and objects that have inspired the young artists such as: a wolf in the jungle portrayed with the beauty of a flower; the freedom of a bird, a bear or a lion, also beautiful urban and marine scenery, shapes and figures etc. This gives us an attractive and a different proposal, not too different from the painting process itself. Also, let’s not forget about the impressionist colors that give us an idea of the excitement of the kids who dream of something as deep and noble as painting is.

Without a doubt, it’s a language full of emotion that opens up the horizon of art with feeling and passion.